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Chong Rong Hwa

Mr. Chong Rong Hwa is the director leading the “Advanced Cyber Capabilities” division under GovTech “Cyber Security Group” (CSG). This division delivers advanced security testing as well as cybersecurity research and development, to strengthen cybersecurity defence within the Government sector.


Prior joining GovTech, he was the senior architect and senior manager of the FireEye Labs. He led the FireEye Labs research and engineering teams to combat against advanced threats, such as APT malware and zero-day vulnerability exploit.

Debunking myth about red teaming - A tale spoken by a red-teamer

1400hrs - 1430hrs


We have heard so much about red-teaming but how much do we really know about it? Have you ever wondered what is the difference between red-teaming and penetration-testing? What is considered as a successful red-teaming exercise? This talk hopes to share views about the purpose and scope of red-teaming to helping recognising the difference between red-teaming and penetrating-test, as well as the need for each type of testing. Lastly, we will also share some sanitised case studies that maps against attacker’s kill chain.

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