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Design & Architecture Track


Understanding Cybersecurity Risk in the age of serverless

1435hrs - 1505hrs

Ian Loe
Senior Vice President, Cybersecurity NTUC Enterprise Co-operative Limited

Ian has more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry with wide industry experience spanning public sector to financial services. He has deep knowledge in both infrastructure and application security with deep expertise in governance and security technologies.

Today Ian is the SVP of Cybersecurity in a large conglomerate and responsible for the management of cybersecurity in the group. He has held other senior appointments such as Director, Government Cybersecurity Operations and was responsible for managing cybersecurity operations for the whole of government in Singapore, which includes the monitoring of and response to cybersecurity incidents.


Serverless computing is the new paradigm that is taking the cloud computing industry by storm. While developers are creating new serverless applications every minute, cybersecurity practices have not caught up with it. I will try to introduce what is serverless computing, what are the threats to serverless computing and how do you secure your serverless applications.

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