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Compliance & Audit Track

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Keynote 2: Explicit Trust is a Must

1005hrs - 1040hrs

Anthony Grieco,
Trust Strategy Officer
Security and Trust Organization

Anthony Grieco leads the Trust Transformation Office and is responsible for ensuring Cisco and its customers embed security, trust, data protection and privacy in to future strategies, solutions, and business models.
Under his leadership, Cisco has built strong partnerships with customers, governments, and partners globally to enable business growth and transformation by accelerating the use of trusted technology, development and implementation of secure processes, policies and culture.
Anthony’s organization is also responsible for instigating and incubating future challenges and opportunities in cybersecurity and privacy. Risk governance, next generation architectures, as well as working with the larger vendor ecosystem, are all efforts focused on ensuring security, trust, data protection and privacy – and core to the future success of digital business.
Anthony has made multiple contributions to industry standards through his time spent with working groups at the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the Communications, Security, Reliability, and Interoperability Council.
Over his 20 years at Cisco, Anthony has held a variety of leadership roles in development engineering, product management, marketing, and strategic planning. He is a trusted security advisor to industry, customers and startups worldwide.
Anthony lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with his wife and daughter.


Our digital world requires a new level of trust, in the most detailed of places and the most abstract. As technology emanates everywhere, global organizations will need the ability to verify the trust and cyber resilience of new innovations to achieve the speed, agility, and confidence to excel in the digital world. From embedding features into technology to authenticating how solutions are designed, manufactured, and operated. Vendors, regulators, operators and users, must continue to create new ways that verify trust. Everyone has a role to play. Anthony Grieco, Trust Strategy Officer, Cisco Systems, will share observations and a framework to achieve that explicit and systematic trust that we need now and in the future.

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