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Gaurav Keerthi,

Deputy Chief Executive, Cyber Security Agency of Singapore

BG Gaurav Keerthi joined the Singapore Armed Forces in 1998 and was a helicopter pilot in the Republic of Singapore Air Force. BG Gaurav held a diverse range of senior command and staff appointments in MINDEF/SAF and the RSAF over his 20-year career. As the Head of Joint Plans and Transformation, he developed the concepts for the Next Gen SAF, which emphasised digital defence. In his final tour, he was the Commander Air Defence and Operations Command, where he oversaw the networked operations and cyber defence for the RSAF. He was concurrently the first Chief Innovation Officer in the RSAF, where he led the organisation-wide digitalisation effort and cultural change. BG Gaurav is a member of the Singapore Administrative Service and served in the Ministry of Trade and Industry from 2008 to 2010 (and was part of the Global Financial Crisis recovery team). He was the Assistant Chief Executive in CSA before his current appointment. As DCE (Development), CSA, he oversees the cybersecurity capability and ecosystem development to help keep Singapore’s cyberspace safe and secure.

BG Gaurav was awarded the SAF Overseas Scholarship and graduated from Stanford University in 2002. He was awarded the SAF Post-Graduate Scholarship and Lee Kuan Yew Scholarship and graduated with a Master’s in Public Administration from Harvard University in 2014, where he received the Littauer Award.


Outside work, he enjoys reading, jogging, playing guitar, and programming. He was an active volunteer in the debate community, where he helmed the national association. He has founded numerous non-profit digital start-ups, and leads the national “TechForGood” non-profit volunteer-run organisation.


BG Gaurav is married and has one son.


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