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Compliance & Audit Track

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Managing Compliance & Audit in a remote work environment

1510hrs - 1540hrs

Nelson Yuen,


Nelson Yuen is an Compliance Global Black Belt in Cybersecurity Solutions Group at Microsoft. He has spent most of his career in the security & compliance industry. Specializing in IAM, information protection and governance, DLP strategy, risk management. Nelson was invited to share his view on strategic approaches to implement data risk control in various events. Nelson is working on couple of projects to help enterprises meet various compliances regulatory requirements such as GDPR and also sits as a member of Executive Council at the Hong Kong Computer Society Cyber Security Specialist Group.


A common threat to enterprises is data exfiltration, or the act of extracting data from an organization. This can be a significant concern for financial institutions as well as some other highly regulated industries due to the sensitive nature of the information that can be accessed day to day.

With the increasing number of communications channels available and the proliferation of tools for moving data, advanced capabilities are typically required to mitigate risks of data leaks, policy violations and insider risk. Having visibility to sensitive data store and user activities on cloud platform & endpoint set the foundation for putting control to achieve risk management.

This session discusses (1) how this the challenges raising especially in remote work environment and (2) how Microsoft Compliance Management flow helps enterprises to meet compliance and audit requirements.

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