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Design & Architecture Track

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Freddy Dezeure

CEO of Freddy Dezeure BV Independent consultant, advising private enterprises and governments to improve their cyber resilience and cyber risk management. Trusted Advisor. Board Member and Advisory Board Member in cyber security start up companies (SpyCloud, Intel471, Cmd, Arctic Security, Corelight, oneclick)

He is very experienced senior security executive with a strong track record in cyber security operations, policy, technology and risk management. Extensive operational management experience, both in line and support functions. Highly successful in setting up, managing and growing new departments in a complex international organization. Strong experience in supporting private and public organisations in improving their cyber risk management at strategic level. Hands on experience with high tech, research and entrepreneurship

Effectively Applying MITRE ATT&CK™In Industrial Control Systems

1545hrs - 1615hrs


MITRE ATT&CK has recently become very popular. Many organizations have started using it or have expressed interest in implementing it. This presentation will walk you through how a hypothetical company can go from zero to hero by using open-source tools to implement real-world use cases and improve its cyber defense with a particular attention to the ICS environment. The session helps you to put the Framework into practice, using realistic examples, demonstrating available community tools and showing how to use analytics to identify adversarial techniques in your network. It will also provide an example of ATT&CK based purple teaming. You will gain valuable insights and return home with useful resources. 

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